Frequently asked questions about Integrc...

Do you only work with SAP?

No, but we are specialists that focus on clients that use SAP. However most such organisations inevitably use other applications and in many situations want to have a cross applications view of GRC. That means we don’t tend to work with clients that don’t use SAP, but we work cross process and application for those that do.

Our experience and view is that clients using SAP tend to look towards SAP solutions first, and SAP’s GRC product portfolio is generally recognised as a market leader. We are independent but our experience is that SAP GRC is one of the strongest, safest and most future-proof solutions available. Support and integration is excellent, and current and roadmap functionality is strong. Integrc stays close to SAP to understand – and influence – product direction. If SAP GRC is the best solution for you, you will find no more experienced or better able organisation to help you: if however we feel SAP GRC is not the right solution for you, we will say so and explain why.

What is the Integrc Support Centre?

The Integrc Support Centre was created in response to customer demand for lower cost, specialist GRC & security support, advice and operate services. From our near shore centre in Northern Ireland, we are able to provide project and support services focussed on high quality, lower cost delivery. We run short term projects and long term managed support and operations services from this centre, including managed security, managed GRC and compliance assurance.

We have proven that using the Integrc Support Centre can be more cost effective than hiring contractors, as well as providing benefits such as reducing your risk, only paying for what you use, continuity of service for holiday and sickness, easy and fast access to expertise, and enabling you to focus on what you want to focus on.

What are Integrc’s credentials?

Integrc has probably the largest and most experienced team of independent SAP security and GRC professionals in the world. We have experience from over 500 projects, covering matters as diverse as the latest Process Control solutions, numerous ERP upgrade projects, many role re-designs and green field implementations. Our consultants are all specialist in SAP security/GRC with an average of 8 years of relevant experience.

Where does Integrc operate?

Integrc is a global provider with operating centres in Europe, India and Middle East. Projects can be run from our staff in these centres, supported remotely by the Integrc Support Centre. Integrc has delivered GRC services in over 30 countries worldwide. Integrc’s founding was in Europe, and the largest pool of resources is still currently based in Europe in our major centres in the UK and the Netherlands.

What happened to su53 and to CSI?

After several years of tactical co-operation, the two companies combined in a 50:50 merger in 2012 to form Integrc, the world’s leading independent consulting firm for independent GRC services for clients using SAP. The capabilities, tools, assets, investments and people from both companies were fully retained, bringing a highly capable team together with experience across some 300 clients.

Are you looking for additional people?

Yes! Integrc is growing quickly and perhaps the key to continued delivery excellence is having the best people – people who understand and have a passion for GRC & security, and who fit into the dynamic and specialist culture of Integrc. If that’s you, or you know someone like that, then please get in touch straight away. Please visit our career page for more information.